Blast chilling, shock freezing, fast and controlled thawing out, but also proving and slow cooking: in a word, Infinity.

Infinity helps you satisfy the expectations of your most demanding customers, preserving the quality, freshness and healthiness of raw ingredients and processed foods unaltered for longer, in full compliance with hygiene standards.

Infinity is flexibility of service and a richer menu without waste. Steady quality and punctual service even when it’s hard to predict the affluence of customers.

With Infinity you sensibly reduce waste, organise your work better and can dedicate more time to finish off your culinary creations and to attend to your customers.

It cooks at a low temperature, taking care of slow cooking and giving your oven more time for all the other preparations, and then regenerates your products and keeps them warm until they are served.

Simple, clear and intuitive controls on the 7’’ Touch screen, guide the operator in the performance of the automatic and manual cycles. Manual operating cycles for the more experienced users who prefer to create their own customized setting, or automatic, differentiated and dedicated to the several types of foods, for those who feel safer relying on the know-how of Afinox and professionals of the trade.

Infinity also means combined cycle, differing cycles performed in sequence to streamline cooking time even further, making the most out of idle breaks and night hours, which translates into improved efficiency and saving on energy, and ensures the foodstuffs are 100% healthy, reducing the need for handling.

Slow Cooking

Infinity slowly cooks fresh, chilled and frozen products at a low temperature, and leaves your oven more time for all other preparatory cycles. You can even have it run automatically during idle breaks or at nighttime when it costs less, saving on time, energy and money, and improving the organisation of your kitchen work.

When it comes to quality, slow cooking is synonymous with a wholesome and tasty product, because it keeps the properties of the food and their juices intact. The cooked product stays tender, savory, with a uniform color and thinner crust compared to fast, high-temperature cooking.

In terms of benefited profit, slow cooking reduces average weight loss by 20%, due to the liquids evaporating, and helps you save even more than 50% on energy when compared to slow cooking in an oven.

Regeneration And Steady Heat

Infinity also regenerates the product for you and keeps it nice and warm until its serving. It brings frozen or refrigerator foods to the desired serving temperature.

SRC Plus – Fast Controlled Thawing out

Infinity features the hi-tech and unique “System SRC Plus”, to allow you to thaw out your foodstuffs even faster, setting the process time or with the aid of the core needle probe.

With Infinity, foods are thawed out in as much as 75% less time than what it takes a conventional cold storage cabinet, maintaining them at the right temperature to ensure their best preservation without the risk of bacterial spread. SRC Plus preserves their original characteristics and qualities and further lowers their weight loss.

Infinity - Mulcahy Kitchens
Infinity - Mulcahy Kitchens

Blast Chilling

Infinity packs all the experience to quickly drop the temperature of any foodstuff as best as is possible. You can choose from among the cycles for each specific product type the one to blast chill your meat, fish, pasta, bread, fruits, vegetables, sweets, etc. and, to be even more certain of the outcome, you can select the type of meat: fat, lean, roast, stewed or sweets with fresh fruits, oven pastries, mousse, just to mention a few examples. of Infinity’s precision.

Besides the automatic cycles, with Infinity you can also program the operating parameters of your choice, to perfectly adapt it to your working system.

Shock Freezing

Infinity quickly freezes products, preserving their organoleptic traits and their appearance intact, and lengthening their storage time in a freezer. The cycles are dedicated to each food class and product type, which is key in yielding a perfect and steady result. The automatic cycles are easy to perform and guarantee a perfect outcome.

Infinity is also ideal for very delicate foods, like confectionery and puff pastries, and croissants, which are frozen to be stored longer. The process to freeze these foodstuffs is delicate, so as not to ruin their crust. Just as with the blast chilling function, you can also choose to configure your own customised cycles to fit your particular needs when shock freezing the products.

Cold Storage

At the end of any blast chilling, freezing or defrosting cycle selected, Infinity automatically takes care of preserving the foods introduced at the right temperature. The automatic preservation of the products at cycle end saves you the hassle of having to manually start preservation or even of removing the blast chilled or frozen products at the end of the cycle to store them away in a cold store cabinet.

Thanks to the automatic selection, you don’t have to be there while the machine is running, so you can make it work at night or during the day when you are busy with other chores.

Manual Multi Level

If your working process requires preparing and therefore placing the trays in at different times or preparing foodstuffs that need different blast chilling or freezing times, this function allows you to manage and monitor the stationing time of each single tray inside the machine in total independence. And Infinity tells you whenever a tray is ready.

The Multilevel function guarantees you the correct management and homogeneity of the temperature at cycle end in all the trays, ensuring the uniform quality of the product.